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Chandel, Sunil Singh Information services in academic libraries : study of ICSSR institutes 79411


Bookchin, Murray The philosophy of social ecology : essays on dialectical naturalism 79406


Anitha, B.K.
Village, caste and education


Chauhan, I.S. and V.S. Bais Social structure and rural development 79413


Culture, communities and change / ed. by Varsha Joshi
Doshi, S.L. Emerging tribal image 79425


307.772 Tribal communities

Bisht, B.S Ethnography of a tribe : study of Anwals of Uttarakhand Himalaya 79407
Alexander, K.C. ( Tribals rehabilitation and development 79401
Shachi Arya Tribal activism : voices of protest (with special reference to works of Mahasveta Devi 79403
1. Chaudhury, Sukant K. Tribal identity : continuity and change among Kondhs of Orissa 79412
Shashi Bairathi Tribal culture, economy and health 79404
Vyas, N.N. and P.C. Mehta Changing land relations in tribal India 79433
Vyas, N.N. Bondage and exploitation in tribal India 79434
Indian tribes in Transition / ed. by N.N. Vyas and R.S. Mann 79435
Sarkar, Amitabha and Samira Dasgupta Ethno-ecology of Indian tribes : diversity in cultural adaptation 79446
Shyamlal Tribal leadership 79458
Tribal issues in India / ed. by D.C. Sah and Yatindra Singh Sisodia 79468


Carter, Harold The study of urban geography 79410


Damyanthi Bhatnagar Bureaucratic culture in India 79405


Contesting postcolonialisms / ed. by Jasbir Jain and Veena Singh 79408


301 Sociology and Anthropology

Collins, Randall Theoretical sociology 79414
Doshi, S.L. Modernity, postmodernity and neo-sociological theories 79426
Doshi, S.L and P.C. Jain Social anthropology 79427
Studies in Indian Anthropology : festschrift to Professor Gopala Sarana / ed. by P.K. Misra 79440


The globalization of human rights / ed. by Jean- Marc Coicaud (et. al)
New dimensions and challenges for human rights / ed. by Janusz Symonides 79467


Dislocations and multiculturalisms : essays in homage to professor R.K. Kaul / ed. by Jasbir Jain 79416
Yinger, Milton J. Ethnicity : source of strength? source of conflict? 79438


Dimensions of human geography : esssays in honour of Professor Bireswar Banerjee / ed. by Jayati Hazra 79417

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Culture, religion and philosophy : critical studies in syncretism and inter-faith harmony / ed. by N.K. Das 79418

412.12 Phonology

Jensen, John T. Principles of generative phonology : an introduction 79338

412.13 Grammar

Aoun, Joseph and
Yen-hui Audrey Li
Essays on the representational and derivational nature of grammar : the diversity of Wh- Constructions 79324
Lambalgen, Michiel van and Fritz Hamm The proper treatment of events 79344
  Construction grammar in a cross-Language perspective \ edited by Mirjam Fried and Jan-Ola Ostman 79350
  Diachronic clues to synchronic grammar \ edited by Eric Fub and Carola Trips 79340
  New reflections on grammaticalization II conference (2002) : University of Amsterdam / edited by Olga Fischer (et al) 79353

412.15 Syntax

Safir, Ken The syntax of (In)dependence 79370
  Balkan syntax and semantics \ edited by Olga Mišeska Tomic 79347

412.16 Semantics

Cappelen, Herman and Ernie Lepore Insensitive semantics : a defense of semantic minimalism and speech act pluralism 79358
Kertész, András Cognitive semantics and scientific knowledge : case studies in the cognitive science of science 79349
Nirenburg, Sergei and Victor Raskin Ontological semantics 79369
Portner, Paul H. What is meaning ? : fundamentals of formal semantics 79360
Prandi, Michele The building blocks of meaning : ideas for a philosophical grammar 79327
Context-dependence in the analysis of linguistic meaning \ edited by Hans Kamp and Barbara H. Partee 79368
  The composition of meaning : from lexeme to discourse \ edited by Alice ter Meulen and Werner Abraham 79339

413.1 Psycholinguistics

Dabrowska, Ewa Language mind and brain : some psychological and neurological constraints on theories of grammar 79343
Jordan, Geoff Theory construction in second language acquisition 79331
  Approaches to studying world-situated language use : bridging the language -as- Product and language-as-Action traditions \ edited by JohnC. Trueswell and Michael K. Tanenhaus 79372
  Emotion in dialogic interaction : advances in the complex \ edited by Edda Weigand 79357
  The acquisition of French in different contexts : focus on functional categories \ edited by Philippe Prevost and Johanne Paradis 79355
  Weaving a lexicon \ edited by D. Geoffrey and Sandhra R. Waxman 79328

413.31 Linguistics and Philosophy

Globus, Gordon G. Quantum closures and disclosures : thinking-together postphenomenology and quantum brain dynamics 79348

413.51 Computational Linguistics

Creswell, Cassandre Syntactic form and discourse function in natural language generation 79363

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414 Language Teaching

Mokashi, Punekar Shankar Chomsky-Skinner experimental method in language teaching 79373
  How to use corpora in language teaching \ edited by John McH. Sinclair 79330

414.1 Programmed Instruction in Language

  Formulaic sequences : acquisition, processing and use \ edited by Norbert Schmitt 79352

415.1 Translation

Olohan, Maeve Introducing corpora in translation studies 79329
Triangulating translation : perspectives in process oriented research \ edited by Fabio Alves 79325

415.4 Language in Education

Lier, Leo van The ecology and semiotics of language learning : a sociocultural perspective 79367
Task-based instruction in foreign language education : practices and programs \ edited by Betty Lou Leaver and Jane R. Willis 79371

E444.1 English Programmed Instruction in Language

English language teaching in east Asia today : changing polices and practices \ edited by Ho Wah Kam & Ruth Y.L. Wong 79335

E442.13 English Grammar

Wu, Yi'an Spatial demonstratives in English and Chinese : text and cognition 79337

E442.16 English semantics

Gunlogson, Christine True to form : rising and falling declaratives as questions in English 79362

E444.7 English Language learning

Chapelle, Carol A. English language learning and technology : lectures on applied linguistics in the age of information and communication technology 79332


823 Novel

Sudha Murty Mahashwetha 79321

823.08 Collection of Stories

Sudha Murty How I taught my grandmother to read and other stories 79320
Sudha Murty Wise and otherwise : a salute to life 79322

824.08 Collection of Essays

Theory in practice : essays in honour of C.D. Narasimhaiah \ edited by D.A. Shankar (et al) 79375

954.8 Indian History

South Indian studies \ edited by H.M. Nayak & B.R. Gopal 79374

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199.54 Modern Philosophy

Hanumantharao, G. Aadhunika tatvashastra samasyegalu 79388

294 Religion

Pampana Adipurana kathamrita \ tr by L. Basavaraju 79380

K425.3 Lexicography

Umapathy, K.S. Nudi manikya 79379

501.072 Scientific Research

Chattopadhyaya, Debiprasad Samshodhaneya hadi \ tr by G. Kumarappa 79390

820 Literature

Suneethi Udyavar Vangmaya aradhaka kadengodlu 79383
  Honnaru : Prof. H.J. Laakkappagowda abhinandana grantha \ edited by Ka tha Chikkanna and H.Dandappa 79392
  Shabdasagara : Prof. Venkatasubbiah Nudigourav \ edited by G.Venkatasubbiah 79387
  Shamba kruti samputa:kannada-kannudi vol.2 \ edited by Mallepuram G. Venkatesha 79393
  Shamba kruti samputa:samskruti-sahitya vol.6 \ edited by Mallepuram G. Venkatesha 79394

821 Poetry

Siri Kumudendu Guru Siribhoovalaya 79377

821.08 Collection of Poetry

Hiremat, Panchakshari Samagra kavya 79386

823.08 Collection of Stories

  Dakshina kannadadha shthamanada kathegalu \ edited by B. Janardana Bhat 79385

824.08 Collection of Essays

Baligar, Manu
Ekantha mattu ekagrathe
Bhatta, Keshava
Tharanatha, N.S.
Upadhya, G.N.
Kannada manassugalondige

928.5487 Literary Biography

Navada, A.V.
Kadengodlu shankara bhatta : baduku baraha

F442.13 Grammar

Lang, Margaret and Isabelle Perez
Modern French grammar : a practical guide

Swe442.13 Grammar

The acquisition of Swedish grammar \ edited by Gunlog Josefsson

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