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Guha, Charuchandra The Modern Anglo-Bengali Dictionary 86338


Spolsky, Bernard (ed.) Concise encyclopedia of educational linguistics


Hand Book

Cummins, Jim, Davison, Chris (ed.) International handbook of English language teaching


000 Generalities

006.3 Computer Software

Cassell, Justine ...[et al].(ed. ) Embodied conversational agents 86360

025.04 Digital Libraries

Andrew, Cox( ed.)

Portals : people, processes and technology


Dahl,Mark , Banerjee, Kyle Spalti, Michael. (jt au) Digital libraries : Integrating content and systems 86370
Harvey, Ross Preserving Digital Materials 86371

302.2 Oral Communication

Erickson, Frederick Talk and social theory : ecologies of speaking and listening in everyday life 86346

305.42 Feminism

Lynne Pearce The rhetories of feminism : readings in contemporary cultural theory and the popular press 85902

307.3 Community Structure

Wood, George S. &, Judikis, Juan C. (Jt au) Conversations on community theory 86355

370 Education

378 Higher Education

Cofin, Coroline

Curry, Mary Jane(et al)


Teaching academic writing : a toolkit for higher education 85897

400 Linguistics

410 Linguistics

Ritchie, Graeme The linguistic analysis of jokes 85901
.Banthia, J.K(foreword) Linguistic survey of India : special studies 86390
Aadil Amin Kak(ed.) Perspectives in linguistics,(NSPL 2006) 86311

410.54 Typology

Nevalainen, Terttu ,Klemola, Juhani Mikko, Laitinen(ed.)

Types of variation : Diachronic, dialectal and typological interfaces 86398

410.6 Semantics



Carston, Robyn Thoughts and utterances : The pragmatics of explicit communication


Ensink, Titus Sauer, Christoph (ed.) Framing and perspectising in discourse 86345

410.7 Discourse Analysis

Flottum,Kjersti , Dahl,Trine , kinn Torodd (Jt au.)

Academic voices : across languages and disciplines 86347

Grillo, Eric

Power without domination 86393

412 Branches and Schools

412.11 Phonetics

clark. CJohn, yallop. Olin, Fletcher. Janet (Jt au.)

An introduction to phonetics and phonology 86361

412.12 Phonology

Kawaguchi, Yuji

Prosody and syntax : Cross linguistic perspectives 86365

412.13 Grammar

Carter, Ronald ,Mc Carthy Michael (Jt au)

Cambridge grammar of English : a comprehensive guide spoken and written English grammar and usage 86312
Matthews, P.H. Syntactic relations : a critical survey 86313
Williams, Edwin Representation theory 86354
Anita Fetzer Recontextualizing context : Grammaticality meets appropriateness 86364

Johns,Alana.Diane Massamand Ndayiragije,Juvenal(eds.)

Ergativity : Emerging issues 86385

Hornstein, Norbert Nunes, Jairo, Grohmann, Kleanthes K( Jt au.)

Understanding minimalism 86315

Alana Johns,Diane Massam, Juvenal Ndayiragije (eds.)

Ergativity : Emerging issues 86348

Nomi Erteschik-Shir,Tova Rapoport

The syntax of aspect : Deriving thematic and aspectual interpretation 86378

Pustet. Regina

Copulas : Universals in the categorization of the lexicon 86380

Carnie. Andrew

Syntax : A generative introduction 86391

412.131 Morphology Interaction

Zeljko Boskovic, Howard Lasnik (eds.) Minimalist syntax : the essential readings 86357

412.133 Semantics Interaction

Patrick Saint-Dizier (ed.) Syntax and semantics of prepositions 86386

412.16 Semantics

Eva Agnes Csato,Bo Isaksson and Carina Jahani(eds.)

Linguistic convergence and areal diffusion : case studies from lranian semitic and turkic 85900
Maria Aloni, Butler,Alastai, Dekker,Paul (eds.) Questions in dynamic semantics 86381

412.18 Dialectology

F.K.Erhard voeltz.(ed.) Studies in African Linguistic Typology 86356

413 Linguuistics and Related Fields

413.1 Psycholinguistics

June Luchjenbroers (ed.) Cognitive linguistics investigations : across languages, fields and philosophical boundaries 84592
Ravid,Dorit Diskin Perspectives on language and language development 86369
Katja F.Cantone Code-switching in bilingual children 86383
Despoina Papadopoulou Cross – linguistic variation in sentence processing : evidence from RC attachment preference in Greek 86404

413.11 Child Language

Barbara C. Lust Child language : acquisition and growth 86367

413.2 Sociolinguistics

Harris, Roxy and Rampton, Ben The language, ethnicity and race reader 85905
Susanne Muhleisen, Bettina Migge (eds.) Politeness and face in Caribbean creoles 86350

413.21 Bilingualism

Chin, Ng Bee Wigglesworth, Gillian Bilingualism : An advanced resource book 86388

413.22 Pidgin and Creoles

lefebvre, Claire Issues in the study of pidgin and creole languages 86397

413.3 Philosophical Language

Dirk, Greimann, Geo Siegwart. (eds.) Truth and speech acts : Studies in the philosophy of language edited by 86375

413.51 Computational Linguistics

Sabine Braum, Kurt Kohn, Joybrato Mukherjee (eds.) Corpus technology and language pedagogy : New resources, New tools, New methods 86358
Teubert, Wolfgang , Ramesh Krishnamurthy (eds.) Corpus linguistics 86332-86337
Connor, Ulla (ed.) Discourse in the professions : Perspectives from corpus linguistics 86363

413.511106 Corpus Linguistics

Hidalgo. Encarnacion, Quereda. Luis , Santana. Juan Corpora in the foreign language classroom : Selected papers from the sixth international conference on teaching and language corpora (TaLC 6) University of Granada, Spain, 4-7 July, 2004. 86326

414 Applied linguistics

414 Language Teaching

cuyckens, Hubert [et al.] Motivation in language : Studies in honor of gunter radden 86362
Paltridge, Brian, Sue Starfield.(Jt au.) Thesis and dissertation writing in a second language : a handbook for supervisors 86374
Richards. Keith Language and professional identity : Aspects of collaborative interaction 86399

414.1 Programmed instruction in language

Hubbard, philip, Levy,Mike (eds.) Teacher education in CALL 86394

414.42 Writing

Ken Hyland , Fiona Hyland (eds.)

Feedback in second language writing : Contexts and issues 86318
Teresa Grainger, Kathy Goouch, Andrew Lambirth (Jt au.) Creativity and writing : developing voice and verve in the classroom 85899

414.7 Second Language Learning

Yoshitomi,Asako Umino. Tae, Negishi. Masashi Readings in second language pedagogy and second language acquisition : In Japanese context 86402

415 Language Application

415.6 Language and Technology

Laila Dybkjaer Evaluation of text and speech systems 86384

415.9 Language and History

Love, Nigel (ed.) Language and history : integrationist perspectives 85903


Dravidian Language

Trautmann, Thomas R. Languages and nations : The Dravidian proof in colonial Madras 86320

440 English Linguistics


Georgiev, Hristo

English algorithmic grammar


E442.16 English Semantics

Bultinck. Bert

Numerous meanings : The meaning of English cardinals and the legacy of Paul Grice


E442.18 English Dialects

Trudgil. Peter

New-dialect formation: The inevitability of colonial Englishes


E442.18 English Pronounciation

Wells. J C

English intonation : an introduction



470 African Linguistics

Cust, Robert Needham

A Sketch of the modern languages of Africa



490 Arabic Lingustics


Faruk Abu-Chacra

Arabic : An essential grammar



B430.03 Bengali Dictionary

Guha, Charuchandra

The Modern Anglo-Bengali Dictionary



G440 German Language

Meillet, Antoine

General characteristics of the Germanic languages



Rom442.13 Romance Language-Grammar

Gess ,Randall S. Arteaga, Deborah (ed.) Historical Romance linguistics : Retrospective and perspectives 86368

800 Literature

808 Rhetoric

Mysore Proceedings of Seminars, Conferences Symposia and workshops on Dhvanyaloka reports 86308
823 Novel
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the deathly hallows


824.08 Essays Collection
Srinath. C.N. New trends in British literary scene



928.02 Biography Collection-Literary person

Srinath, C.N Nobel laureates in literature


954.52 Himachal Pradesh History

Singh, K.S People of India :Himachal Pradesh V. XXIV


954.552 Chandigarh History

Singh, K.S People of India : Chandigarh. Vol XVII


954.558 Haryana History

Singh, K.S

People of India : Haryana vol.XXIII


954.76 Dadra and Nagara Haveli History

Singh, K.S

People of India : Dadra and Nagar Haveli. vol.XVIII


954.77 Daman and Diu History

Singh, K.S

People of India : Daman and diu. vol. xix







Varma, Naresh Chandra Dev Introduction to the kokborok : grammar and translation 85146-85147