From 16.03.06 to 31.03.06

Mth430.03E Maithili Dictionary

Govind Jha Kalyani Kosh 81037-81038

S430.03 Sanskrit Dictionary

Monier Williams, Monier Sanskrit - english dictionary 81044

140 Orientalism

Mohanty, Bharat Bhushan Edward W. Said's Orientalism 81064

294.5432 Devotional Texts

Satyananda Shastri Aryabhivinaya 81088

303.401 Postmodernism

Krishan Kumar From Post- industrial to Post-Modern Society 81060

305 Social stratification

Lopreato, Joseph Class, conflict, and mobility 81061
Annan, Kofi We the children 81087

323 Political Science

Mohammad Shabbir Quest for Human Rights 81065

325.32 Imperialism

Christopher, K.W Rethinking cultural studies 81056

370.115 Intercultural Education

Weber, Susanne Intercultural learning as identity and negotiation 81055

373.54 0723 School Education

Seventh all India school education survey 81091

390 Social customs

Seetha Mishra Vidhi Vyavahar 81083

398.9 Proverbs

Vijaydan Deth Rajasthani - hindi kahavath kosh 81092-81097

410.7 Discourse analysis

Gotti, Maurizio Investigating Specialized Discourse 81049
Blackledge, Adrian Discourse and power in a multilingual world 81068H.R.Dua, 17 march 06
Giuseppina Cortese and Anna Duszak Identity, community, discourse 81050
Zhu, Yunxia Written communication across cultures 81080

412.11 Phonetics

Ashby, Michael Introducing Phonetic science 81039

412.13 Grammer, Comparative Preposition phrases

Schweikert,Walter The order of prepositional phrases in the structure of the clause 81075
Robin T. Lakoff and Sachiko Ide
Broadening the horizon of linguistic politeness 81069
Dalmi, Grete The role of agreement in non - finite predication 81070

412.14 Morphology

Gottlieb, Nanette Language and society in Japan 81041
Inkelas, Sharon Reduplication 81042
Di Sciullo, Anna Maria Asymmetry in Morphology 81046
Wolfgang U.Dressler Morphology and its demarcations: Selected papers from the 11th morphology meeting Vienna,February 2004 81073

412.15 Language and languages

Leonie Cornips and Karen P Corrigan Syntax and variation 81079
Cann, Ronnie The dynamics of language 81032
Auli Hakulinen and Margret Selting Syntax and lexis in conversation 81078

412.16 Semantics

Jaroslav Peregrin Meaning 81031

413.2 Sociolinguistcs

Joanna Thornborrow and Jennifer Coates The sociolinguistics of narrative 81077

413.3 Philosophy

Dorothea Frede and Brad Inwood Language and learning 81043

413.51 Natural Languages

Mengistu Amberber and Helen De Hoop Competition and variation in natural languages 81030
Alan Partington, John Morely & Louann Haarman Corpora and discourse 81045

413.81 Aphasia

Franco Fabbro Neurogenic language disorders in children 81033
Coleman, John Introducing speech and language processing 81040

413.82 Pragmatics

Lyle Jenkins Variation and universals in biolinguistics 81034

414.52 Persuation

Frans H Van Eemeren and Peter Houtlosser Argumentation in practice 81067

415.1 Translating and Interpriting

Branchadell, Albert Less translated languages 81072 H.R.Dua, 17 march 06
Dimitrova, Birgitta Englund Expertise and explicitation in the translation process 81071

415.2060954 Linguistic minorities

  Commissioner linguistic minorities 80375,80693

417.203 Slang Dictionary

Tom Dalzell and Terry Victor The new partridge dictionary of slang and unconventional english 81051-81052

E440 English Language

Verkuyl, Henk J Perspectives on aspect 81053

E444.52 Rhetoric

Martin, Martin Pedro The rhetoric of the abstract in English and Spanish scientific discourse 81054
Bernd-Peter Lange and Mala Pandurang Mediating Indian writing in English 81063

E444.61 Pronounciation

Quinn,Heidi The distribution of pronoun case forms in English 81074
Katarzyna Dziubalsha-Kotaczyk and Joanna Przedlacka English pronunciation models 81047

613 Motherhood

Facts for life 81086

784.19 Music

Karnani, Chetan Form in Indian Music 81059

E823.909 Novel

Riemenschneider, Dieter The Indian Novel in English 81066

824 Essays

Mandal, Somdatta Film and fiction 81062
Urmil Talwar and Bandana Chakrabarty Contemporary Indian Drama 81057 Mahalakshmi,  17 march 06, 12:40 pm
Samit Kar Globalisation 81058

G440 Essays

John Partridge Getting into German 81048

H820.08 Literary collection

Pant, Sumitranandan Sumitranandan Pant granthavali 80963

H824.08 Essays

Mishra, Keerthinarayana Arthaantar 81081