From 16-2-2007 to 28-2-2007



Muthmann, Gustav Reverse English dictionary : based on phonological and morphological principles 84691
Thomas Herdst...(et al.) A valency dictionary of English : a corpus based analysis of the complementation patterns of English Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives 84692
Schwela, Horst and S.Rajaram Worterbuch : Deutsch-Tamil 84184
Raju, N.S. (ed.) Nadupalli Paathasaala Nigantuvu : Telugu-Telugu 84197


Horn, Laurence R. and Gregary Ward (ed.) The handbook of pragmatics 84738
Bhatia, Tej K. and William C.Ritchie (ed.) The handbook of bilingualism 84737
Davies, Alan and Catherine Elder (ed.) The handbook of applied linguistics 84736
Stelaier, Pavol and Rochelle Lieber (ed.) Handbook of workd formation 84717

000 Generalities

005.13 Programming Languages

Bales, Donald Java programming with Oracle JDBC 84750
Nirva, Leroy-Morisseau , Martin K.Solomon and Gerald P Momplaisir Oracle9i SQLJ Programming 84753
Goodwill, James Pure JSP : Java server pages (Sams,2000) 84754
Moock, Colin Essential Action script 2.0 84755
Kittel, Michael A and Geoffrey T. LeBlond ASP.NET 2.0 : Cookbook 2nd edition 84756
Wei-Meng Lee ASP.NET 2.0 : a developers notebook 84757
Bellinaso, Macro ASP.NET 2.0 Website programming : Problem Design Solution 84758
Reid, Fiach Network programming in .NET : with C# and visual basic .Net 84759
MacDonald, Matthew and Mario Szpuszta Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005 84761
Moroney, Laurence Foundations of Atlas : rapid Ajax development with ASP.NET 2.0 84762
Kauffman, John and Bradley Millington Beginning ASP.Net 2.0 and databases 84763
Khosravi, Shahram Professional ASP.Net 2.0 Server Control and Component development 84764
Deegan, Marilyn and Simon Tanner Digital preservation 84733

300 Social Science

370.114 Moral education

Halstead, J Mark and Mark Pike Citizenship and moral education : values in action 84680

370.115973 Educational sociology - United States

Weis, Lois,Cameron McCarthy and Greg Dimitriadis(ed.) Ideology curriculum and the new sociology of education : revisiting the work on Michael Apple 84681

400 Linguistics

410 Lnaguage and Languages

Radford, Andrew, Martin Atkinson,David Britain... (et al) Linguistics : an introduction 84698

410.7 Discourse analysis

Goddard, Cliff (ed.) Ethnopragmatics : understanding discourse in cultural context 84687
Wolf, Florian and Edward Gibson Coherence in natural language : data structures and applications 84709
Kurhila, Salla Second language interaction 84721

411.51 Personal names

Bruck, Gabriele Vom and Barbara Bodenhorn(ed.) The anthropology of names and naming 84704

412.13 Grammar

Thompson, Ellen Time in natural language : syntactic interfaces with semantics and discourse 84688
Hurch, Bernhardand Veronika Mattes (ed.) Studies on reduplication 84693

412.15 Syntax

Kiss, Katalin E.(ed.) Event structure and left periphery : studies on Hungarian 84710
Olga Miseska Tomic Balkan sprachbund morpho-syntactic features 84711

412.16 Semantic

Peeters, Bert (ed.) Semantic Primes and universal grammar : empirical evidence from the romance languages 84727

412.19 Typology

Veselinova, Ljuba N Suppletion in Verb paradigms : bits and pieces of the puzzle 84724

413.1 Psycholinguistics

Evans, Vyvyan The structure of time : language ,meaning and temporal cognition 84725
Evans, Vyvyan and Melanie Green Cognitive linguistics an introduction 84731

413.2 Soiolinguistics

Heller, Monica and Richard J Watts (ed.) Language, Power and social process - Vol 16 84689
Goldberg, Adele E Constructions at work : the nature of generalization in language 84732
Hinzen, Wolfram Mind design and minimal syntax 84743

413.2 Sociolinguistics

TopeOmoniyi and Joshua A. Fishman (ed.) Explorations in the sociology of language and religion 84689
Suleiman, Yasir A war of words : Language and conflict in the middle east 84703
Richardson, Elaine Hiphop literacies 84714
Fought, Carmen Language and ethnicity 84728

413.21 Multilingualism

Jessner, Ulrike Linguistic awareness in multilinguals : english as a third language 84712

413.51 Language Technology

Agirre, Eneko and Philip Edmonds (ed.) Word sense disambiguation : algorithms and applications 84713

413.511 Corpus Linguistics

Gippert, Jost, Nikolaus Himmelmann and Ulrike Mosel (ed.)

Essentials of language documentation 84690

Partington, Alan

The linguistics of laughter : a corpus assisted study of langhter talk 84716

413.82 Neurolinguistics

Ahlsen, Elisabeth Introduction to neurolinguistics 84720

414 Language teaching

Narayan, R K ; edited by S.Krishnan The writerly life : selected non –fiction 84739

414.2 Language testing

Cheng, Liying Changing language teaching through language testing : a wash back study 84694
Hasselgreen, Angela Testing the spoken English of young Norwegians : a study of a test validity and the role of smallwords in contributing to pupils fluency 84695
E Purpura, James Assessing grammar 84699
Wall, Dianne The impact of high stakes examinations on classroom teaching : a case study using insights from testing and innovation theory 84701
Milanovic, Michael and Cyril Weir (ed.) European language testing in a global context : Proceedings of the ALTE Barcelna conference July 2001 84702
C. Elder A. Brown...(et al) Experimenting with uncertainty : essays in honour of Alan Davies 84706
J Weir, Cyril, Yang Huizhong and Jin Yan (ed.) An empirical investigation of the componentiality of L2 reading in English for academic purposes 84707
Hawkey, Roger A modular approach to testing English language skills : the development of the certificates in English language skills (CELS) examinations 84708

414.5 Reading

Aebersold, Jo Ann and Mary Lee Field From reader to reading teacher : issues and strategies for second language classrooms 84696

414.63 Word power

Aebersold, Jo Ann and Mary Lee Field From reader to reading teacher : issues and strategies for second language classrooms 84696

414.7 Language learning

Genesee, Fred(ed.) Educating second language children : the whole child, the whole curriculum, the whole community 84700
Norris, John M and Lourdes Ortega(ed.) Synthesizing research on language learning and teaching 84723
Oxford, Rebecca L Language learning Strategies : what every teacher should know 84741

415.1 Translating and interpreting

Cronin, Michael Translation and identity 84683

415.4 Language in education

Cruickshank, Ken Teenagers, literacy and school 84682

415.4 Language in education

Cruickshank, Ken Teenagers, literacy and school 84682

E442.12 Phonology

Jeffries, Lesley Discovering language : the Structure of modern English 84734

823c Writings - Children's books

Ghai, S K (ed.) Writing and publishing children's books in SAARC countries 84684

823 Fiction - Technique

Greaney, Michel Conrad, language and narrative 84705


400 Linguistics

G442.13 Grammar

Gast, Volker The grammer of identity : intensifiers an reflexives in germanic languages 84715


800 Literature

K823 Novel

Anand Yadav ; translated by L.R. Pandit Horata 84685
Bhardwaj, Raoori ; translated by H.S. Sujatha Jeevana samara : nondavara sathya kathegalu 84534


400 Linguistics

Rmn442.15 Syntax

Torrens, Vincent and Linda Escobar The Acquisition of Syntax in Romance languages 84726


400 Linguistics

Te424.52 Writing

C Hill, Edward A Primer of telugu characters 84326