From 15-7-2007 To 31-7-2007



Jayamohan, M and Manu Joseph Dalegate dictionary of computer 85109
Llamas, Carmen, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell The Routledge companion to sociolinguistics 84912


Moseley, Christopher Encyclopedia of the World’s endangered languages 85597


Prytherch, Ray Gower handbook of library and information management 85527
Muckopadhyay, Asoknath Guide to MARC 21 : For cataloging of books and serials 85086
de Lacy, Paul The Cambridge handbook of phonology 85596
Traxler, Matthew J. and Morton A. Gernsbacher Handbook of psycholinguistics 85107


000 Generalities

020.941 - Information Policy

Grieves, Maureen Information policy in the electronic age


023.9 Librarianship

Massis, Bruce E The practical library manager 85091

025.04 Digital Library

Arms, William Y Digital libraries 85087
Bishop, Ann Peterson , Nancy A. Van House and Barbara P. Buttenfield (ed.) Digital library use : social practice in design and evaluation 85088

025.21010 Electronic Resources - Library

Nisonger , Thomas E Evaluation of library collections, access and electronic resources : a literature guide and annotated bibliography 85092

027 Cataloguing

Karen, Kreizman Establishing an information center : A practical guide 85528

070.5025 Directory

Directory of press and media 2007 85522

300 Social Science

371.358 Distance Education

Sharma, Ramesh C and Sanjaya Mishra Cases on global E-learning practices : Successes and pitfalls 85529

400 Linguistics

E440.09 English Language - History

Mair, Christian Twentieth-century English : history, variation and standardization 85090

412.13 Grammar

Roberts, Ian Comparative grammar 85094-85099

412.15 Syntax

Matthews, P. H Syntactic relations : a critical survey 85595

412.18 Dialectology& Paleography

Cravens, Thomas D. (ed.) Variation and reconstruction 85591

413.11 Child Language

Peccei, Jean Stiwell Child language : a resource book for students 85093

413.2 Sociolinguistics

Cameron, Deborah

On language and sexual politics


Moseley, Christopher, Nicholas Ostler and Hassan Quzzate (ed.)

Endangered languages and the media


Blythe, Joe and R Mckenna Brown (ed.)

Maintaining the links : language, identity and the land


Argenter, Joan A and R McKenna Brown (ed.) On the margins of nations : endangered languages and linguistic rights 85131
Crawhall, Nigel and Nicholas Ostler (ed.) Creating outsiders endangered languages, migration and marginalisation 85132
Schiffrin, Deborath In other words : variation in reference and narrative 85594

413.21 Bilingualism

Baker, Colin Foundations of bilingual education and bilingualism 85106

413.511 Corpus linguistics - Web

Hundt, Marianne, Nadja Nesselhauf and Carolin Biewer Corpus linguistics and the web 85524

E443.42 English Language - Usage

Maybin, Jamet, Neil Mercer and Ann Hewings (ed.) Using English 85105

414.2 Language Testing

Fulcher, Glenn and Fred Davidson Language testing and assessment : an advanced resource book 85104

414.7 Language Awareness

Andrews, Larry Language exploration and awareness : a resource book for teachers 85100

415.1 Translation

Duarte, Joao Ferreira, Alexandra Assis Rosa and Teresa Seruya Translation studies at the interface of disciplines 85593

800 Literature

821.08 Poems - Collection

Kewalramani, Kamal ; Lalchand K Nichani (tr.) Fragrant poems 85108
Dinita Rai Life-a mirage 85144-85145

822 Drama

Mcintyre, Dan Point of view in plays : A cognitive stylistic approach to viewpoint in drama and other text-types 84962


900 History

928 Biography

Kanagalingam, R; R Ganapathy(tr.)

My revered guru, bharathiyar : en gurunathur barathiyar 85133-85135

954 History - India

Chauhan, Rana Ali Hasan A short history of Gurjars 85600


A820.08 Assamees Literature

Lakshi Hazarika Bhasabijnyan aru axamiya bhasabijnyan parichiti 85139   

415.4 Language in Education

Ball, Rodney The French-speaking world : A practical introduction to sociolinguistic iss 85101

G440 German Language
Boase-Beier, Jean and Ken Lodge The German Language : a linguistic introduction 85102

H928 Biography

Kanakalingam, R ; M Jhanam (tr.) Mere gurudev bharatiyar 85136-85138

306 Culture

Chinnappagowda, K Samskriti siri 85521

K411.4 Epigraphy

Vishwanath Gramanamagala sanskruthika parivesha 85082

K823 Kannada - Novel

Veda, M.S. Jameenu 85080


K928.0954 Biography - Chaduranga

Veda, M.S. Chaduranga 85079

M424.7 Learning

Zacharia, Jolly Varnabodham malayalam kalpanika kavikalil 85112

M824.08 Essays - Malayalam

Jancy, James Ulkazhchakal 85111


Mth398 Folklore

Jha, Narendra Mithilak janapadeeya vikas 85118

Mth398.2 Folklore

Manipada, Braj Kishore Verma ; Prem Shankar Singh (ed.) Maithili lokagathak ithihas 85117

Mth398.2 Folklore

Manipada, Braj Kishore Verma ; Prem Shankar Singh (ed.) Maithili lokagathak ithihas 85117

Mth808.02 Writings

Rajanandan Lal Das ; Prem Shankar Singh (ed.) Chitra-vichitra 85119

Mth820 Literature

Thomar, Ashok Singh Koshi parisar me sahitya sadhana 85120
Mishra, Phoolchandra Karpooramanjari 85123

Mth820.909 Literary Criticism

Singh, Prem Shankar Prapanika 85113
Viyogi, Tharanand Karmadharay 85116


Mth824.08 Essays - Maithili

Jha, Govinda Atitalok : a collection of deliberative essays in Maithili 85115

Pa432.16 Literary Criticism

K Manohar Gupta Linguistic approach to meaning in Pali 85085

Te615.53 Ayurvedic medicines
Viyogi, Tharanand Karmadharay 84192

Venkat Rao, D Samskritika Chanakyalu 84193

Varma, Naresh Chandra Dev Introduction to the kokborok : grammar and translation 85146-85147




idth="118">Varma, Naresh Chandra Dev Introduction to the kokborok : grammar and translation 85146-85147