From 15-5-2007 to 31-5-2007



Pearce, Micael The Routledge Dictionary of English language studies 84952
Shaffer, Lawrence Encyclopaedic dictionary of literary criticism 84925


Kachru, Braj B. , Yamuna Kachru and Cecil L. Nelson. The Handbook of World Englishes 84958

000 Generalities

020.9 Academic library

Langley, Anne, Edward Gray and KTL Vaughan The role of the academic librarian


020.92 Librarianship

Myburgh, Sue The New information professional : how to thrive in the information age doing what you love 84949

025.04 Digital Library

Limb, Peter Digital dilemmas and solutions 84947
Jacobs, Neil and Lesly Huxley (ed.) Online information services in the social sciences 84951
Stacey, Alison and Adrian Stacey Effective information retrieval from the internet : an advanced user’s guide 84957

025.06 Globalisation - Information

Rikowski, Ruth Globalisation, Information and libraries : the implications of the World Trade organisation's GATS and TRIPS agreements 84956

025.31 Cataloguing

Read, Jane M Cataloguing without tears : managing knowledge in the information society 84955

025.4 Information retrieval

Muller, Jeanne Froidevaux A librarian’s guide to the internet : searching and evaluating information 84948
Batley, Sue Classification in theory and practice 84941

025.524 Intelligence technology

Brown, Daniel Mastering information retrieval and probabilistic decision intelligence technology 84942

027 Library services

Porter, Kirby Setting up a new library and information service 84953

300 Social Science

320 Politics

Hutcheon, Linda The politics of post modernism 84880

398.9 Proverbs

Stone, Jon R The Routledge book of world proverbs 84959

371.9144 Dyslexia

Montgomery, Diane Spelling, handwriting and dyslexia : overcoming barriers to learning 84939

400 Linguistics

410 Lnaguage and Languages

McMahon, April and Robert McMahon Language Classification by numbers 84740

Tallerman, Maggie(ed.)

Language Origins : perspectives on evolution 84742
Reeves, Carol The language of science 84910
Robson, Mark and Peter Stockwell Language in theory : a resource book for students 84911

Beedham, Christopher

Language and Meaning : the structural creation of reality 84921

410.3 Semiotics

Queiroz, Ricardo Gudwin Joao Semiotics and intelligent systems development 84904

410.5 Language Universals

Mairal, Ricardo and Juana Gil (ed.) Linguistic Universals 84971

410.7 Discourse analysis

Fairclough, Norman Analysing discourse : textual analysis for social research 84904
Gee, James Paul An introduction to discourse analysis : theory and method 84707
Hyland, Ken Metadiscourse : exploring interaction in writing 84945

412.13 Grammar

Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng and Norbert Corver (ed.)

Wh-Movement : moving on


Corbett, Greville G



412.14 Morphology

Katamba, Francis(ed.)


84929 -84934

412.15 Syntax

Freidin, Robert and Howard Lasnik (ed.) Syntax 84915 - 84920

412.16 Semantics

Levin, Beth and Malka Rappaport Hovav Argument realization 84970

412.18 Dialectology

Beal, John C Language and region 84900

413.1 Psychology and Linguistics

Doughty, Catherine and Jessica Williams(ed.) Focus on form in classroom second language acquisition 84967

413.4 Linguistics and Literary Criticism

Childs, Peter Texts : contemporary cultural texts and critical approaches 84943

413.82 Speech Disorders and Speech Therapy

Gullberg , Marianne and Peter Indefrey (ed.) The cognitive neuroscience of second language acquisition 84944

413.2 Sociolinguistics

Beard, Adrian Language Change 84901
Llamas, Carmen, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell The Routledge companion to sociolinguistics 84912

413.5 Linguistics and technology

Boardman, Mark The language of websites 84902

413.51 Computational linguistics

Bendre, S M, Inderjeet Mani, Rajeev Sangal (ed.) SNatural language processing : Icon 2007 84937

414 Applies lingustics

Davies, Alan An Introduction to applied linguistics : from practice to theory 84926
Woods, Caroline Teaching and assessing skills in foreign languages 84974

414.1 Programmed Instruction in Language

Bailey, Kathleen M Language teacher supervision : a case-based approach 84961
Woods, Caroline Teaching and assessing skills in foreign languages 84974

414.2 Language Testing

Brown , James Dean and Thom Hudson Criterion-referenced language testing 84963
Douglas, Dan Assessing languages for specific purposes 84966

414.52 Writing

Bailey, Stephen Academic writing : A practical guide for students 84962

414.62 Speaking

Cornbett, Sandra and Ronald Carter

The language of speech and writing 84903

414.63 Vocabulary

Shalini Wadhwa Teaching and the learning vocabulary 84935
Nation, I S P Learning vocabulary in another language 84972

415.1 Translation

Snell-Hornby, Mary The turns of translation studies \b new paradigms or shifting viewpoints 84950

415.4 Language in Education

Gee, James Paul Situated language and learning : a critique of traditional schooling 84906
Bailey, Kathleen M. and David Nunan (ed.) Voices from the language classroom : Qualitative research in second language education 84975

412.13 English grammar

Julia Schluter Rhythmic Grammar : the influence of rhythm on grammatical variation and change in English 84938

412.13 English language - teaching

Sahu, Nandini Post modernist delegation to English language teaching : the quixotic deluge 84924

621.389303 Music and technology

holmes, Thom (ed.) The Routledge guide to music technology 84976

658.3124 Organizational learning - case studies

Conner, Marcia l. and James G. Clawson(ed.) Creating a learning culture : strategy, technology and practice 84976

658.3124 Organizational learning - case studies

N Krishnaswamy, Lalitha Krishnaswamy The story of English in India 84969