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  Concise Encyclopedia of Brain and Language. / edited by Harry A. Whitaker. 91499


  Loanwords in the World’s Languages: a comparative handbook. / edited by Martin Haspelmath and Uri Tadmor. 91513
Vanpatten, Bill and Benati, Allesandro G Key terms in Second Language Acquisition. 91588


Gloria Dall' Alba Learning to be professionals. 91490
Lotman, Juri Culture and explosion. / translated by Wilma Clark and edited by marina Grishakova. 91503
Rattu, Krishna Kumar Bharateeya Dalit aur manavadhikar: jaativaad aur savedhanik samrachana. 91476
Verma, Kanchan Bharath me mukth vidhyalayee shiksha: ek parichay. 91369


General Linguistics

  The New York times book of language and linguistics. / edited by Nicholas Wade.


Research Methodology

  Research methods in Linguistics. / edited by Litosseliti Lia. 91593

Biography of Linguists

Bouissac, Paul Saussure: a guide for the perplexed. 91596
Crystal, David Just a phrase I’m going through: my life in Language. 91548


Danesi, Marcel Global Linguistics: an introduction. 91507

Discourse Analysis

  Commonality and individuality in academic discourse. / edited by Maurizio Gotti. 91498
  Methods of critical discourse analysis. / edited by Ruth Wodak. 91514
Weigand, Edda Language as dialogue: from rules to principles of probability. 91508
Yang, Xueyan Modelling text as process: a dynamic approach to EFL classroom discourse. 91591

Historical Linguistics

Campbell, Lyle Historical Linguistics: an introduction. 91494

Syntax / Grammar

  Contexts and constructions. / edited by Alexander Bergs, Gabriele Diewald. 91500
  Cross-linguistic semantics of tense, aspect and modality. / edited by Lotte Hogeweg, Helen de Hoop and Andrej Malchukov. 91502
Hicks, Glyn The derivation of anaphoric relations. 91520

Language and Cognition

  Studies in cognitive corpus linguistics. / edited by Barbara Lewandowska Tomaszczyk and Katarzyna Dziwirek. 91519

Speech Production

Sinha, Priyabrata Speech processing in embedded systems. 91491

Languages / Speech Therapy

  Spoken Language processing. / edited by Joseph Mariani. 91549

Bilingualism and Diglossia

  The multiple realities of multilingualism: personal narratives and researchers perspectives. / edited by Elka Todeva and Jasone cenoz.


  Multilingual Europe: facts and policies. / edited by Guus Extra, Durk Gorter. 91515

Computational Linguistics

Weisser, Martin

Essential programming for Linguistics. 91505

Natural Language Processing


Finite-state methods and natural language processing: 5th International workshop FSMNLP 2005, Helsinki, Finland, september 1-2, 2005 revised papers. / edited by Anssi Yli-Jyra, Lauri Karttunen and Juhani Karhumaki.




Image, language, brain: papers from the first mind articulation project symposium. / edited by Alec Marantz, Yasushi Miyashita and Wayne O'Neil.


Applied Linguistics

  Continuum companion to research methods in Applied Linguistics. / edited by Brian Paltridge and Aek Phakiti. 91598
Melinda Dooly Doing diversity: teacher’s construction of their classroom reality. 91504
Nation, I.S.P Language curriculum design. 91511

Second Language Teaching


Multiple perspectives on interaction: second language research in honor of Susan M. Gass. / edited by Alison Mackey and Charlene Polio.


Second Language Learning


Content and Language integrated learning: Cultural diversity. / edited by Maria Luisa Carrio-Pastor.


Qing Ma

Second language vocabulary acquisition.

Walkinshaw, Ian. Learning politeness. 91512

Language and Newspapers

Conboy, Martin

The Language of newspapers: socio-histirical perspectives.



Ana Rojo

Step by step: a course in contrastive linguistics and translation.


Language and Technology

Myers, Greg

The Discourse of blogs and wikis.



Klerk, Vivian De

Corpus Linguistics and World Englishes: an analysis of Xhosa English.



The Lesser known varieties of English: an introduction. / edited by Daniel Schreier...[et al.].


Wakamoto, Natsumi Extroversion introversion in foreign language learning: interaction with learner strategy use. 91506




English trader,Indian maid: representing gender,race and slavery in the new world. / edited by Frank Felsenstein.




Biography (Hindi Language)

Bhatia, Sudarshan Kalam ko salam. 91470
Chaanana, Ramesh Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. 91472
Jaatav, D.R Vishva dharm aur Ambedkar. 91475
Preethi Agarwal Chalo chale Andaman. 91387
Sunitha Rani Bharat ki pratham mahila Rashtrapati Pratibha Patil. 91473

History (Hindi Language)

Sharma, Nirmal

Itihas aur sahitya.