From 1-06-2008 To 30-06-2008


415.3 Lexicography

Gottlieb, Henrik (ed.) Dictionary Visions, Research and Practice : selected papers from the 12th international symposium on lexicography, Copenhagen 2004 88300

000 Generalities

005.13 Computer Science

Schafer, Steven M

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python,and PHP : With standard programmer's Reference

005.74 Computer Applications

Watson, Karli

Beginning C# 2005 Databases

025.5 Library and Informatin Sciences

Ganguly, R.C

Transformation of library service


302.230954 Mass Communication


Growth and development of Mass communication in India


370 Education

370.114 Moral Education

Rao, Rama K

Moral education : a practical approach


398.2 Folktales

Kapfo(comp.) Folk Tales of Kazhami Nagas 88304

398.20954 Folklore - India

Singh, Udaya Narayan (ed.) Culturation : essays in honour of Jawaharlal Handoo 87737

398.54080 Folklore-Essays

Blackburn, Stuart H (ed.) Another harmony :new essays on the folklore of India 87255

398.7 Folksongs

Chinnappa, Nadikerianda(Comp.) Pattole Palame : Kodava culture-Folksongs and Traditions 86727

400 Linguistics

410 General Linguistics

Vijayanarayana and C. Ramarao(ed.'s)

Word formation in Indian languages


Pedersen, Holger The discovery of language : linguistic science in the nineteenth century 88285

410.4 Communication

Lyon,Caroline (ed.)

Emergence of communication and language


410.52 Linguistic Area

Matras Yaron(ed,.)

Linguistic areas


410.54 Typology

Connor,Loretta O’

Motion transfer and transformation


410.6 Pragmatics

Perkins, Michael

Pragmatic Impairment


Cutting, Joan Pragmatics and Discourse : a resource book for students 88296

410.7 Discourse Analysis

Jochen Rehbein, Christiane Hohenstein & Lukas Pietsch(ed.'s)

Connectivity in grammar and discourse


Bamberg, Michael(ed.) Selves and identities in narrative and discourse 88297

411 Historical Linguistics

Kibbee, Douglas A(ed.) History of linguistics 2005 : selected papers from the tenth international conference on the history of the language sciences (ICHOLS X ), 1-5 september 2005, urbana- champaign, Illinois 88299

412.13 Grammar

Sadler, Misumi

Grammar in use across time and Space : deconstructing the Japanese ‘dative subject’ construction


Reuland Eric(ed.) Argument structure 88236
Chomsky, Noam Aspects of the theory of syntax 88287
Dehe, Nicole & Yordanka Kavalova (ed.'s) Parentheticals 88221
Carnie, Andrew Constituent structure 88223
De Rijk , P.G. Rudolf Standard Basque : a progressive grammar 88298
Holton, David Greek : an essential grammar of the modern language 88207
Eguren, Luis (ed.) Coreference, modality, and focus : studies on the syntax-semantics interface 88209
Gagarina, Natalia(ed.) The acquisition of verbs and their grammar : the effect of particular language 88303
Razdan, Satyabhama Kashmiri Grammar : History and structure 86824

412.16 Semantics

Anvita Abbi

Semantic Universals in Indian Languages


412.17 Lexicology

Filipovic, Luna

Talking about Motion : a cross linguistic investigation of lexicalization patterns



Conceptual structure in Lexical items


412.180 9757 Dialectology-South Carolina

Baranowski, Maciej

Phonological variation and change in the dialect of charleston, South Carolina


413.1 Psycholinguistics

Schalley, Andrea C & Drew Khlentzos (ed.'s)

Mental states volume 2 : language and cognitive structure


Schalley,Andrea C & Drew Khlentzos (ed.'s) Mental states volume 1 : Evolution , Function , Nature 88293
Susan D Duncan, Justine Cassell, Elena T Levy(ed.'s) Gesture and the Dynamic Dimension of Language 88233
Lascaratou, Chryssoula The language of pain : expression or description? 88226
Amberber, Mengist (ed.) The Language of Memory in a Crosslinguistic Perspective 88211

413.121 Child language Acquisition


Child second language acquisition


413.2 Sociolinguistics

Stockwell, Peter

Sociolinguistics : a resource book for students


Stivers, Tanya (ed.) Person Reference in Interaction : linguistic, cultural and social perspectives 88204

413.21 Multilingualism

Thije, Jan D. ten(ed.)

Receptive Multilingualism : linguistic analyses, language policies and Didactic concepts


Block, David Multilingual Identities in a Global City : London Stories 88241
Barbara Kopke(ed,.) Language Attrition : theoretical perspectives 88219

413.22 Pidgins & Creoles

Huber, Magnus (ed.)

Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives on contact languages


413.5 Linguistic Technology

Kirk St. Amant(ed.,) Linguistic and cultural on line communication issues in the global age


Koven, Michele ii Selves in two languages : bilinguals verbal enactments of identity in French and Portuguese 88225

413.51 Computational Linguistics

Marudanayagam, P Recent advances in natural language processing IV : selected papers from RANLP 2005 88301

414.32 Reading

Marudanayagam, P The Tamil Canon : Comparative readings 86827

414.521 Rhetoric

Shaw, Staurt D. Examining writing : Research and practice in assessing second language writing 88199
Page, Ruth E. Literary and Linguistic Approaches to Feminist Narratology 88243

414.7 Langauge Learning

Amritavalli, R. English in deprived circumstances : Maximising learner autonomy 88198
Randall, Mick Memory: psychology and second language learning 88227
Gewali, Salil Pule Hindi Pule Phareng Learn Khasi Learn Hindi 87281
Narang, Gopi Chand Let's Learn Urdu : Beginner's Manual for Urdu script 86817

415.07 Language & Mass Media

Elizabeth Martin Marketing Identities Through language : English and global Imagery in French Advertising 88242

415.1 Translation

Willy, Vandeweghe The study of language and translation 88302
Bhalla, Alok The place of translation in a literary habitat and other lectures 87745
Wolf, Michaela & Fukari, Alexandra (ed.) Constructing a sociology of translation 88218

415.3 Lexicography


Practical lexicography : a reader


415.437 Language and Education

Christiane Dalton - Puffer Discourse in content and language integrated learning (CLIL ) classrooms 88217

415.658 Language-Administration

Ramamoorthy, L. Modernization in Tamil (Withspecial reference to administration) 87685

And490 Andamanese Language

Manoharan, S. A descriptive and comparative study of Andamanese language 88194

500 Science & Mathematics

Lavakare, P.J & Jayant Narlikar Science and you : Science and me 87376

600 Technology

608.7092 Inventors - Biography

Gopalakrishnan,K.V. Inventors who revolutionised our lives 87468

635.97713 Flowering Trees

Randhawa, M. S.

Flowering trees


700 The arts : Fine and Decorative Arts

799.2 Hunting

Rai, Kedambadi Jattappa

Reminiscences of a Hunter


821.08 Poetry - Collection

Basu, Prabal Kumar (ed.)

Yapanchitra : A profile of life


Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati Thirukkural Couplets with Clear prose Rendering 86733

T821.080 3 Classical Tamil Literature

Ratnaswami, S Tamil : A Classical Language 86736

823 Novel

Imayam Arumugam 87127
Gaddi, Ilyas Ahmed Fire area 87409
Punekar,Shankar Mokashi Awadheshwari 88259

823.08 Short Stories

Manto, Sa'adat Hasan Black Margins 87136
Viswanatha, Vanamal (ed.) Routes : representations of the West in short fiction from South India in translation 87225

928.0954 Biography

Rao, Iupavari Pandurang



Daisy Rockwell Upendranath ashk : a critical biography 87173

954 History - India

Ganguly, D.C.

Select Documents of the British period of Indian History : in the collection of the victoria memorial, calcutta


954.6 History - Jammu and Kashmir

Zutshi, Chitralekha Languages of belonging : Islam, regional identity and the making of Kashmir 88206





Varma, Naresh Chandra Dev Introduction to the kokborok : grammar and translation 85146-85147