From 01-07-2008 To 31-07-2008


307.76095403 Encyclopaedia -Cities and Towns-India

Encyclopaedia of cities and towns in India \ edited by N. Sheshagiri 88715

410.440202 Language and Communication - Handbook

Handbook of intercultural communication \ edited by Helga Kotthoff and Helen spencer oatey 88633

413.103 Psycholinguistic - Glossary

Aitchison, Jean A glossary of language and mind 88434

412.1303 Grammar - Encyclopedia

Concise Encyclopedia of Grammatical Categories \ edited by Keith Brown and Jim Miller


413.20202 Sociolinguistics - Handbook

Handbook of language and communication : diversity and change \ edited by Marlis Hellinger and Anne Pauwels

413.210202 Multilingualism

Handbook of Multilingualism and Multilingual Communication \ edited by Peter Auer and Li Wei

005.74 Computer Applications

Feldman, Ronen & Sanger, James

The text mining handbook

020.9 Library and Informatin Sciences

Brophy, Peter

The library in the twenty-first century


Chandrashekharaiah, H. Documentation and bibliographic control in Indian languages 87689

181 Philosophy

Cottingham, John


294.5 Religion

Natale Riem Antonella

The one life : Coleridge and Hinduism


300.1 Social sciences- Philosophy

Angus, Ian

(DIS) Figurations : discourse ,Critique,Ethics


Henri Lefebvre : key writings \ edited by Stuart elden, Elizabeth Lebas and Eleonore Kofman 88416

302.2 Communication

Machin, David

Global Media Discourse : a critical introduction


302.224 4 Literacy

Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel

New literacies : changing knowledge and classroom learning


305.4 Women

Women on women : a reading of commonwealth women writers \ edited by Amina Amin , Rajyashree Khushu – Lahiri and Gita Chaudhuri.


325.3 Postcolonialism


Beyond postcolonialism : dreams and realities of a nation


  Postcolonial theory : the emergence of a critical discourse \ edited by Dieter Riemenschneider 88334

325.3010 Postcolonialism

Punter, David

Postcolonial imaginings : fictions of a new world order


325.303 Colonies Dictionaries

Post colonial studies : the key Concepts \ edited by Bill Ashcroft Gareth Griffiths & Helen Tiffin


325.3'954 56 Colonization

Legg, Stephen

Spaces of colonialism : Delhi’s urban govern mentalities


327.111 Economic Activities

The new egalitarianism \ edited by Anthony Giddens and Patrick Diamond.


347.012 Civil procedure and courts

Nariman, Fali S

Courts legislatures media freedom \edited by K.N.Hari Kumar


370.1523 Educational Learning

Patricia Broadfoot Promoting quality in learning : does England have the answer? 88431

410.0721 Linguistics-Survey Techniques

Bowern, Claire

Linguistic Fieldwork : a practicle guide


410.4 Communication

Akmajian, Adrian,, Richard A. Demers& Robert M. Harnish

Linguistics : an introduction to language and communication


410.42 Language learning

Lamy, Marie-Noelle & Regine Hampel

Online communication in language learning and teaching


410.421 Advertising

Helen Kelly-Holmes

Advertising as Multilingual Communication


410.5 Language and universal

Linguistic universals and language change \ edited by Jeff Good


410.52 Linguistic Area

From linguistic areas to areal linguistics \ edited by Pieter Muysken


410.54 Typology

Language complexity : Typology, contact, change \ edited by Matti Miestamo, Kaius Sinnemaki and Fred Karlsson


410.6 Pragmatics

Verschueren, Jef

Understanding Pragmatics


410.7 Discourse Analysis

Anaphors in text : cognitive, formal and applied approaches to anaphoric reference \ edited by Monika Schwarz- Friesel, Manfred Consten and Mareile Knees


412.13 Grammar

Grammatical change and linguistic theory : the rosendal papers \c ed. by Thorhallur Eythorsson


Adjectives and adverbs : syntax, semantics and discourse \edited by Louise Mcnally 88638
Baker ,Mark C The syntax of agreement and Concord 88613
Perspectives on Grammar Writing \ edited by Thomas E.Payne and David J. Weber 88320

412.131 Syntax - Grammar

Matthew Baerman, Dunstan Brown and Greville G. Corbett The Syntax Morphology Interface \b a study of syncretism \ 88614

412.16 Semantics

Theoretical and crosslinguistic approaches to the semantics of aspect. \ edited by Susan Rothstein


  Grammars of space :explorations in cognitive diversity \ ed by Stephen C Levinson and David P. Wilkins 88617

413.2 Sociolinguistics

Sociology of diaspora : a reader-1\ edited by Ajay Kumar Sahoo and Brij Maharaj


  Language, culture and society \ edited by Christine Jourdan and Kevin Tuite 88615
Zoltan, Kovecses Metaphor in culture : Universality and variation 88612
  Sociology of diaspora : a reader-2\ edited by Ajay Kumar Sahoo and Brij Maharaj 88348

413.21 Multilingualism

Dua, Hans R

Ecology of multilingualism : language, culture and society


Ramamoorthy, L. Language loyalty and displacement 87684

413.3 Philosophy and language

Key thinkers in linguistics and the philosophy of language \ edited by Siobhan champman and Christopher Routledge


413.31 Linguistic - Philosophy

Janicki, Karol

Language Misconceived : arguing for applied cognitive sociolinguistics


413.51 Computational Linguistics

  Language, Cohesion and Form \ edited by Yorick Wilks, Margaret Masterman 88616

413.511 Corpus Linguistics

Language, People, Numbers : corpus linguistics and society \edited by Andrea Gerbig and Oilver Mason


Corpus-based perspectives in linguistics \ edited by Yuji Kawaguchi… (et al) 88319
Lynne Flowerdew Corpus- based analyses of the problem – solution pattern : a phraseological approachn 88328

413.57 Biolinguistics

  Dialogue and culture \ edited by Marion Grein & Edda Weigand 88292

415.434 Language and Law

Olsson, John

Forensic linguistics : an introduction to language, crime and the law


415.437 Language and Education

Dua, Hans R Language Education : the mind of society 88623

E440.52 Linguistics Area

Plag, Ingo Introduction to English linguistics 88634

E440.52 Linguistics Area

  Phonetics of English in the nineteenth century(set of 7 volumes) \ edited by Beverley Collins and Inger M. Mees 88311

Mun452 Munda Language

  The Munda Languages: edited by Gregory D.S Anderson 88622

681.763 Agricultural Technology

Hosmani, M.M & B.M.Chittapur

Sorghum production technology 88412

700.411 2 Modernization

Childs, Peter



820.909 Literary criticism

Transatlantic literary studies :a reader \ edited by Susan Manning and Andrew Taylor


  Post-Colonial theory and English literature : a reader \ edited by Peter Childs 88413

821.08 Poetry - Collection

Josh, Umesh

Ten Epochal Bengali Poets


823 Novel

Kundera, Milan The Unbearable lightness of being 87309
James, Louis The Victorian novel 88424

823.08 Novel

Corbett's, Jim Jim Corbett's India 87344

823.909 Novel - Critisicm

Riemenschneider, Dieter The Indian novel in English : its critical discourse 1934-2004 88351

824.08 Essays Collecions

Uma Parameshwaran Salman Rushdie’s early fiction 88332
Narrative of the village :Centre of the periphery \ edited by Jasbir jain 88331
  The pre-occupation of postcolonial studies \ edited by Fawzia Afzal-Khan and Kalpana Seshadri-Crooks 88427
  Hybridity and Postcolonialism : twentieth-century Indian literature \ edited by Monika Fludernik. 88335
  Reading partition: living partition \ edited by Jasbir Jain 88333
Uma Parameshwaran Writing the Diaspora : essays on culture and identity 88337
  Modernism : an anthology of sources and documents \ edited by Vassiliki kolocotroni,Jane Goldman and Olga Taxidou. 88428

828.87 Humour

Gigoo, Arvind The Ugly Kashmiri ( Cameos in exile ) 88238

928.095487 Writers

M. N. Srinivas : he man and his work \ edited by P. K. Misra, K. K. Basa and H. K. Bhat


954 History - India

Anita Inder Singh

The Partition of India


  Mapping subaltern studies and the postcolonial \ edited by Vinayak Chaturvedi 88422

954.045 History - India - Movements

Oza, D.K Voluntary Action and Gandhian Approach : a atudy of three voluntary movements in India 87391

954.03 Indian history

Bipan Chandra India’s struggle for independence 1857-1947 86304